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     I'd welcome their house cleaners into my property again and again. IsleOfDogsCarpetCleaners did a terrific job, provided a first-rate service.
L. Hannah19/05/2020
     Cleaning companies come and go, but this one is the only one that's been around for over 60 years. Family owned and operated, with great attention to detail and very affordable prices.
J. Winfield20/09/2019
     Good work. The ladies literally transformed my home with short notice on a busy weekend when many others were not available. Their work was efficient and safe, especially with my kids and dog running around the house. I'm glad I found Isle Of Dogs Carpet Cleaners.
     After the service I just enjoyed at the hands of their cleaners, I'll definitely be recommending Isle Of Dogs Carpet Cleaning to others, to one and all.
Amy S.18/04/2019
     This lot really are something special. I had a mountain of work that needed doing and a lot of dirty rooms that needed cleaning. At Isle Of Dogs Cleaning Services, the price I ended up paying for the job was special, the quality of service was special and the results were the most special of them all.
     Isle Of Dogs Carpet Cleaners are terrific cleaners and others should use them without a doubt. We wanted a good firm of cleaners who would do a thorough job for us and show some initiative in the way they work as many cleaning companies come along and do very little other than the basics. This isn't a problem we have had with this cleaning company - they always find things to do and they do them very well! We have used these cleaners for months now and will do for many more as the results they have produced for us are excellent.
     Getting and keeping the garage clean is a major source of concern in our household. From little odds and ends that we no longer use to the kids' old toys and discarded clothes, our garage has become the place the entire family dumps everything. The mess was becoming unbearable- and posing quite a serious safety risk to anyone who ventured into the garage- so my husband and I decided to hire a cleaning company to take care of it. We worked with Isle Of Dogs Carpet Cleaners and as far as finding a dependable cleaning agency goes, I don't think we could have done any better.
     It's difficult to stay on top of things when you work the night shift. During the day I'm often too tired to do any strenuous work, and the weekend's out of the question! So I called Isle Of Dogs Carpet Cleaners, and they helped take some of the burden away! Yes sir - my friends and girlfriend weren't sold on the idea at first, but after they saw the results, they were more than happy to trust my judgment! This cleaning service was superb, and I'm able to leave for work bright eyed and bushy tailed knowing that they've got the cleaning under control!
F. Martin29/08/2014
     Had to drop by and say a big thanks to the whole team at Isle Of Dogs Carpet Cleaners for all of the help which they've given us over the past few weeks. They've made sure that all of the cleaning which we needed done pronto was not only done quickly but done really, really well as the same time. It's these kinds of differences which are so welcome when you're trying to get a house ready for a big party. All the cleaning was handled in the best possible fashion and made sure that our home was so presentable that everyone was impressed.
Thomas Kyle04/06/2014
     I am a bit of a clean freak, I stress myself out with it most of the time because I like everything to be done and I like it all done often. Having a busy life with work, husband and the kids to look after it gets difficult finding time to do it all and trying to make sure the house is spic and span at the same time too, so I decided to hire Isle Of Dogs Carpet Cleaners, initially the idea was to use them as a one-off one month when things were getting on top of me, however after their first visit I became hooked, I now hire them every month just to give my house a thorough clean, as I just love the results afterwards.
     Getting a good cleaner that you trust is like gaining a new family member. You can offload so much of that which stresses you out in the day to day on them, that you find yourself a lot less panicked throughout the week! Domestic cleaning takes up a lot of time, and if you work full time, and have children, then the last thing that you need is to be worrying about hovering the living room! I use Isle Of Dogs Carpet Cleaners a lot, and I would suggest that anyone try them out if they are looking for an excellent service for an excellent price!
Jessica Morgan07/01/2014

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